Hi everyone and welcome to my website https://healthwellness.com. Heath wellness has always been my interest wherever and whenever I go since I was young because I have lived in our hometown that give an emphasis on the wellness on health.

As a kid I don’t give an importance as to what I eat every day, I just eat what I want but because of the guidance of my parents and my relatives, they have influenced me to eat some vegetables and fruits to become healthy.

Now I want to give back!

“What yohttps://cdn2.wealthyaffiliate.com/images/site_content/circle_check_green.pngu sow is what you get”, they said so because of that it gives an impact to me that whatever I take in into my body and whatever my habits will certainly affect my health in the near future. I will certainly harvest whatever I sow to my health….so I am here to offer some tips on how to maintain your being physically fit whatever your background is.

A Little Story About My Health Background

When I was a kid I have been often visiting the hospital because I was easily getting sick. The doctor said that my lungs are weak so I’m easily affected by colds, flue and fever that when disregarded it can leads to pneumonia. My parents take note on it so they prevented me to be overfatigue and eat nutritious food so that I can be physically fit and have a protection against diseases.

As time goes by, I harvest what I sow on my childhood days of eating some vegetables and fruits as my daily meals that helps improve my appetite on eating nutritious food.

But today, there are many sources of information that suggests about on how to improve your physical health.  It could be about on what your lifestyle on what you eat and some tips on exercise methods. But I just wanna share my healthy lifestyle as to what i eat and about what I do to be physically fit nowadays. Health is the most valuable of all possessions, for with health one can attain anything else within reason


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